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Understanding Rosacea in Seniors

Seniors with Rosacea can get help to manage this condition with the assistance of personal care at home.
Personal Care at Home in Babylon NY

You will often notice a slight pink or red rash on your cheeks, which may be Rosacea. This is a common skin disease that impacts so many people around the world. Unfortunately, when you are caring for your elderly loved one who has this skin disease, it can be unnerving and hard to know what to do. Here is everything you need to know about Rosacea and how to help your elderly loved one battle it.

It Has No Cure

Often, this is a skin disease that impacts fair-skinned adults, and right now, there is no cure for it, but it can be managed. Keep in mind that you can see this disease more clearly in fair-skinned adults, but it can truly impact anyone. You will notice bumps, redness, and flushing. Some seniors may not feel anything but dryness. Other adults will feel burning or itching in the red area. You must encourage your senior loved one never to scratch their face when they experience an outbreak.

Although there is no cure at this time, this condition can be managed with the help of personal care at home. Many seniors use skin creams, lotions, or other topicals to help soothe their skin. If they want to use something on their face, they should always check with their doctor to ensure it is okay for their face and body. Sometimes, things like hydrocortisone should not be used on their faces, but a doctor can tell them a better alternative. Once you understand what a senior can use, personal care at home can help them apply these topicals as often as needed.

Symptoms Can Get Worse

Sometimes, a senior may think that if they ignore what is happening, the problem will disappear. Sometimes, that works, but often, when talking about Rosacea, by ignoring it, it can get worse. If personal care at home notices this rash, they should encourage your loved one to act before it gets painful. Sometimes, a senior doesn’t notice things like this, but having an extra set of eyes can truly help them. If symptoms become too bad, a senior should go to the doctor who may prescribe something else, especially if they think it has to do with inflammation from the inside.

There May Be Triggers

For some seniors, there may be certain triggers that they are unaware of. One of the most crucial things personal care at home can help your loved one with is paying attention. They can help identify triggers and help seniors avoid them or care for them after they are around a trigger. Sometimes, triggers can be spicy foods, alcohol, and even other skincare products. If your senior loved one has sensitive skin, they need to be very careful about what goes on their body and even what they wash their clothing with.

If things become too bad, a doctor should always be involved. Seniors should be getting regular checkups, and they should be pain-free as they age. If their skin becomes itchy or the Rosacea becomes unmanageable, a doctor should immediately be involved. Personal care at home can help with doctor orders and care for your senior outside of medical needs.

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