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How to Help a Senior Loved One With Alzheimer’s in an Emergency

Ensure that all caregivers including Alzheimer’s home care providers and family members are familiar with the plan.
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If you have a senior parent with Alzheimer’s that is aging in place you probably worry about their safety, especially during an emergency. When emergencies happen like a house fire, a hurricane, a tornado, or a wildfire it’s very important to move fast. Seniors who are living at home may not be able to get out of their homes quickly or react to an emergency with the speed necessary to be safe.

It can be even more difficult to get a senior parent with Alzheimer’s out of a dangerous situation quickly without scaring them. Alzheimer’s care at home is recommended for seniors with Alzheimer’s because Alzheimer’s home care can help keep seniors safe from falls, health emergencies, and other emergencies. The care providers who specialize in Alzheimer’s care know the most effective ways to communicate with seniors who have Alzheimer’s and how to keep them safe.

Some things that you should know about keeping your senior parent with Alzheimer’s safe in an emergency are:

Create an Emergency Plan

Develop a comprehensive emergency plan that includes specific steps to address the unique needs of someone with Alzheimer’s. This plan should outline escape routes, designated meeting points, and communication methods. Ensure that all caregivers including Alzheimer’s home care providers and family members are familiar with the plan.

Make a List of Emergency Contacts

Make sure there is an updated list of emergency contacts next to every phone and posted on the refrigerator or in another easy-to-access spot. Tacking a laminated copy of the list inside a cupboard door or on the wall in the kitchen is a good idea because that is an easy-to-access spot. You should also put one in the bathroom in case an emergency happens in the bathroom.

Wearable Identification is a Must

Your senior parent may get separated from you or a caregiver in an emergency. Make sure they are wearing a bracelet, necklace, or some other wearable item that has their name, medical information, and your phone number on it.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Assemble an emergency kit that includes essential supplies for both the person with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. This kit should include medications, a list of current medications and dosages, copies of important documents (ID, insurance, medical records), comfortable clothing, a water bottle, and non-perishable snacks.

Maintain Their Routine as Much as You Can

During an emergency, try to maintain a sense of routine and familiarity. Make sure your emergency kit has comforting items such as a favorite blanket, familiar photographs, or cherished possessions to help reduce anxiety and disorientation. If your senior parent has a stuffed animal, doll, or other item that they use as a comfort object buy a second one and put that one in the emergency kit or emergency bag.

Limit Exposure to Distressful Information

Shield the person with Alzheimer’s from distressing images or information related to the emergency. Continuous exposure to frightening visuals or intense news coverage can increase anxiety and confusion. Make sure they aren’t watching TV news or listening to the emergency response on the radio.

Establish a Safe Waiting Space

In an emergency, identify a safe and quiet area where the person with Alzheimer’s can wait. This area should be away from potential hazards and provide a sense of security. Designate a caregiver or family member to stay with them and offer reassurance. It’s usually a good idea to put them in a car if possible. Leave the heat or air conditioning on and lock the doors so that they can’t wander off.

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