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Easy Ways to Engage With a Senior

When a family can rely on senior home care, it can allow the adult children to navigate their relationships better and allow someone else to be the caregiver.
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As your senior mom or dad needs more help around the house you may find it harder to engage with them. You may not know whether you are still their child or you’re now a caretaker. It can be a complex and challenging relationship to navigate especially when a senior gets older and older. One of the best things that can help your whole family navigate this new dynamic is by hiring senior home care who can help your loved ones thrive while they age in place. When a family can rely on senior home care, it can allow the adult children to navigate their relationships better and allow someone else to be the caregiver. Hiring senior home care can help you focus on how you should be engaging with your senior mom or dad.

Work on a Garden Together

One of the easiest ways to engage with the elderly is by getting them outside. You both may not want to focus on small conversation and that is fine. Every relationship is different but one of the best things you can do is work on nature together. Start a small garden or find deck plants to hang up. This will allow you to focus on something and it can help get the conversations started. Engaging doesn’t mean talking, you can do activities together and that can be just as meaningful for your senior loved one.

Write a Letter of Thanks

Your mom or dad has probably done so much for you and sometimes it can be hard to voice just how grateful you are. Sitting down to write your mom or dad a letter, even if they live with you, can be one of the most meaningful ways to engage with them. Your loved one may love seeing what you write and it may bring them to tears. This is a way for you both to connect and appreciate each other. They may even write you a letter back!

Go On a Picnic

So many people can chat over food, it is one of the best ways to bring anyone together. A good activity and a good way for you to engage with a senior is by packing a picnic and going to a local park. This is also something grandkids can attend as well. This can be a fun outing that is near home and it may even be something that senior home care can help with. If your loved one needs transportation this is something many professionals are willing to help with.

Play a Game

It can be hard to keep seniors busy when they are aging in place. But no one is ever too old to play a game. If your family wants a fun way to engage with a senior, host a family game night. This brings people together and will help create funny and unique memories within a family. It is a good way to engage without any serious conversation.

Watch a Movie Together

Your loved one may not feel up to talking or working outside. Instead, pick something a little more chill like watching a movie together. Your loved one may like documentaries or even action movies, this is something you may enjoy doing with them. You may also want to take them to see new movies!

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