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Could Social Media Help Seniors Be More Physically Active?

Using social media could be a surprising way to help seniors be more active and increase their socialization at the same time.
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Social media is more prevalent than ever and sometimes it might seem unhelpful, but there are ways it could offer seniors a chance to explore physical activity a bit more. Social media offers a way to forge connections with people all across the world and across all age groups. With home care, it might even be easier than ever for seniors to master social media in a positive way.

Increased Access to Fitness Resources

Social media platforms offer a variety of different resources and tools, especially related to fitness and physical activity. There are tons of different groups, challenges, exercise tutorials, and more available freely across a variety of platforms. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook all have users who provide workout ideas and routines that seniors could find helpful.

Access to Communities

Beyond the workouts and tutorials, there are also tons of different communities made up of people who have some of the same goals seniors have when it comes to exercise. These communities might be made up of other seniors or people of all age groups. But they all bring a chance to socialize with other people and to form connections with others and that’s important for aging adults.

Virtual Fitness Challenges

For some people, joining a challenge is the best motivation to get moving. Social media has a ton of different types of races, challenges, and events that people join in on from all around the world. These challenges are typically geared toward all different levels and help people set goals, keep track of their progress, and celebrate achievements. All of this is important for seniors wanting to be more active.

Remote Fitness Classes

There are plenty of informal groups and exercise challenges, but there are also formal classes. Groups like AARP host remote fitness classes on their websites and through their social media accounts. Often these more formal classes are geared toward specific age groups or ability levels, making it easier for seniors to know that they’re joining the right activity for their needs. Home care providers can help seniors build daily routines that leave time for these types of classes.

Health Information and Education

Social media can also be a valuable source of health information and education, especially amongst other people who are dealing with the same health issues. It’s wise to pay attention to the sources before following advice, however, seniors should always talk to their own doctors before relying on health advice they get from social media. But it can also be powerful to join a support group made up of other people dealing with similar health concerns.

Social media has the opportunity to be a powerful tool for seniors in their quest to be more physically active. It definitely helps to have resources like home care assistance right there with them to ensure aging adults aren’t doing anything unsafe, especially if they live alone. But having the chance to meet new people and to learn new ways to move their bodies in a healthy way gives them a chance to stay vital for a long time to come.

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